10 Fascinating Facts About Engelhard 10 Oz Silver Bars

The Engelhard brand name carries an absolute flawless reputation for high quality along with the overall purity of its silver bullion bars. Silver buffs absolutely adore this brand since they know that they have the power to sell or buy them with complete assurance, irrespective of where either they or the buyer may reside.

As you may know, Engelhard silver bars can be purchased in several different sizes: 1-oz, 10-oz or 100-oz. Here, I would like to concentrate on the Engelhard 10 oz silver bars and present some little known facts that you will be sure to find fascinating!

1. All (or at least the majority of them!) 10 oz Engelhard silver bars are marked with a unique serial number.

2. Engelhard uses 'P' prefix in front of its serial numbers to signify poured bars.

3. The company uses the 'C "prefix before its serial numbers to indicate stamped or cast bars

4. The poured bars were issued before the stamped ones.

5 .. A six digit version with no prefix were the first bars that were issued.

6. There were two varieties of bars: A portrait or tall vertical variety and a landscape or wide horizontal version.

7. The portrait version features the Engelhard large "E" logo and the Eagle-Flag logo with a triangle.

8. The landscape version features the Engelhard logo in a rectangle, along with a 'Bull Logo.' or just the plain Engelhard logo surrounded by a rectangle.

9. All of Engelhard bars are stamped with the bar's weight and silver purity. Many different spellings and variations including:

  • "999+" "10.000" with just a tiny amount of space between the two words.
  • "999+" "10.000" with large amounts of space between the two words.
  • 10 T.OZ
  • 99 9 + FINE SILVER 10TR.OZ
  • 10 TROY OZ. 999+ FINE SILVER
  • 999+ Fine SILVER 10 Troy Ounces

10. Around 1.5 to 1.7 million Engelhard 10 oz Silver Bars were minted. Sadly, many of these have been melted.

In conclusion, as you can see, an Engelhard silver ingot is not just your run-of-the-mill ordinary silver bar. Its interesting mint history and dedication to quality make this a 10 oz silver bar worth buying!

Source by Christina Goldman

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