Dating Through Mutual Friends – Good Or Bad?

Dating can be great fun – you meet new people, have a laugh, enjoy a few dinner dates and try to forget about the dates from hell in the hope of finding your perfect match. It's all in the game and can be a lot of fun, but not if a date or two damages the relationships you've already built up with your friends. Whenever you accept a blind date that's set up by a friend, you face real problems if it does not go well.

Dating, blind date style, can be pretty relaxed because you have the people you know in common and do have a little prior knowledge of what each other is like. The only, and major, problem with that is the fact that your friends will undoubtedly get it wrong. If they do get it wrong then it could lead to strained relations between you and your friends.

The best possible thing to bear in mind when navigating the dating scene via a friend is that you should be wary about accepting dates that way. Insist on meeting them at a party or in a group so you can make up your own mind. This is much better than offending the friend if the date is awful. You reclaim the power over your dating life and keep everyone happy!

If your friend or friends persistently try matching you up and it is increasingly making you feel uncomfortable then explain that as much as you appreciate their attempts of helping you find love you would prefer them backing off for a bit. This is important because if you feel do not then it may put massive strains on your relationship.

Dating through friends is like everything else in life, you have good and bad moments. If the bad moments are by far outweighing the good then it might be time to call an end to having your friends set-up your dating needs before you run out of friends.

Source by Paul Steven

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