How People Make Millions Out of Nothing

10% of the world’s population controls 80% of the world’s money! It’s a frightening statistic but it’s also a very enlightening statistic, because these people are stellar examples of how to earn money. They have never succumbed to destiny; instead of blaming poverty or their poor family background they have concentrated on well thought out plans to make money without capital. Money can be made without capital. There are numerous examples of this around us and yes it’s a deliberate act. Very few people just stumble upon a treasure. Most billionaires in the world today are very smart people with smart and bright ideas being the cornerstones of their successful empires. There will never be scarcity of funds for people with sound ideas and business plans. Investors keep scouring the map in search of ideas that can generate profit. Create a new and unique product, market it properly and investors will come running to you desperate for a chance to make money. In the process they will make you rich. All you need to do is make them like your idea


1. Dhirubhai Ambani’s story from rags to riches His rags to riches story, is very inspiring. He worked as a petrol pump attendant. He did not have any college degree. He had no money but had unlimited desire to become rich. He learned everything about business and trading while working at his job. Soon he realized that he was not made for such a small job. He started a small business of trading polyester yarn and soon mastered everything about this business.Soon he realized that polyester business was going to be very profitable in the future. Using his for sight, knowledge and some smart planning he made millions in the polyester industry. There were thousands of businessmen at that time but why only he was able to find this opportunity. It’s all in your mind. You have to back yourself and always be on the look-out for a new opportunity. Now his company hires top talent form around the world. So even if you are working as an employee you must have a goal in mind and that goal should not be to die on that desk behind which you have been slaving for the past 10 years. You must look to the future and keep working on a plan, learning everything about business, finding ways to create wealth out of nothing. Thousands of opportunities available to do business in a legal way: It is important to note that “smart work” does not mean illegal ways to earn money. It just means that you are more aware of the opportunities around you as well as your own strength and weaknesses. All the methods that you will use should involve legal ways of making money. To snatch the rights of others is no way of getting rich.

2. Make millions by turning others ideas into riches: Bill gates My next example is extremely instructional. This man highlights all the things that I want to point out. I won’t tell just yet who he is. First hear his story and then be amazed when I reveal the name. He was born in Seattle, Washington to a middle class family. His family wanted him to become a lawyer. At 13 he enrolled in the Lakeside School. When he was in the eighth grade, he took an interest in programming the GE system in BASIC and was excused from math classes to pursue his interest. He wrote his first computer program on this machine: an implementation of tic-tac-toe that allowed users to play games against the computer. He was fascinated by the machine and how it would always execute software code perfectly. He enrolled at Harvard but did not finish because he founded Microsoft. Yes ladies and gentlemen I am talking about Bill Gates. He understood that software was going to rule the world. This is the opportunity he identified but then he also had a killer plan. He bought DOS and marketed it to make billions. Understand that though Gates himself was a genius with computers his true edge lay in the fact that he realized how important computers were going to become. These little differences like I said above are what set these people aside.

Note here that initially Bill Gates started making money using someone else ideas. He did not create DOS.He improved it with additional features. Later on using the money he had made he became an innovator and hired people to come up with ideas that he could fund and then market to make more money. In the world there are two types of people. One type knows how to create a useful product but don’t know how to find a commercial use for the product or don’t have the means to market their product. The second type of people is those that look for the first type of people in order to market and sell their product so that both can become rich. They are the real marketers and make millions by the process. There are thousands of such products you can find and market them either as it is or after adding some innovation. Just check patents and research until you find a product that you believe will make you a millionaire.For more details please visit:

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