Mutual Understanding: What Is It and What Is It Not?

Ever felt an unexplained emotion for a certain person? An emotion that can not really be explained towards them though you are not in a love relationship with the person. I bet everyone have experienced such feeling. The feeling that brings tickles to the bones. Such feeling is called mutual understanding. It is an emotional state or an assumption, wherein two individuals feel fondness for each other, enjoy each other's company, inspire each other, please each other and share similar view points but has no real commitment for each other. The feeling may be unforeseen, anticipated and may be nurtured in the long run. It arises when an individual discovers common traits and interests with the other.

There exists a certain degree of affinity between two individuals which are in the state of mutual understanding. One gets to be correspondingly affected by anything that happens to the other. It is an affinity that none of these people would confirm probably because a bashful impression that exist between the two. Both may be reluctant to admit the feelings that they have for each other for fear and for several other reasons which may include the thought that one may grow uncomfortable with the other. Moreover, they would not even confirm their feelings with their friends or company when they are asked.

The involved individuals may or may not necessarily formalize their relationship. Some allow the feeling to nourish for some time until they see it appropriate to commit. It can wither away if the individuals get separated for some time or may lead to a deeper commitment. Individuals find this feeling titillating. Both are in for a surprise of what will happen next or where will the fondness of each other take them.

Surprisingly, mutual understanding does not necessarily entail love according to some psychologists. You may show care and sympathy to the person you are mutually connected but may not mean you are in love with each other. As such this can sometimes be the reason why the feeling is informal.

Furthermore, the concept does not only refer to a girl or a boy relationship. It can also be socio-political in nature to describe the relations of nations in the international community and the agreement of persons regarding decisions, policies and programs.

Regardless, people find the concept interesting and amazing when it is used to describe a boy and girl relationships.

Source by Doug Lassen Anderson

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