My Minimoto Will not Start

My Minimoto wont start what can I do? This is a very common question I get asked regularly. First of all you need to stand back from the situation and apply some lateral thinking and work through this logical checklist:

  1. Firstly if yours wont start make sure you have fuel getting to the carburettor and the fuel valve is set to the ON position. Make sure you choke is on (selected to the up position) when the engine is cold.
  2. Check to ensure the spark plug is not fouled with and is in good condition. Try spraying a small amount of starting fluid into the carburettor air intake to aid the starting process. If it starts after spraying with starting fluid but dies as soon it runs out of starting fluid then this means there is no fuel getting to the engine. Check the carburettor and clean if necessary. Make sure the carb and manifold are not loose by ensuring the bolts are tight. If the bolts are loose this will cause air leak and weaken the mixture preventing it from starting. Take off the carburettor cover and tighten both the carburettor and manifold.
  3. Ensure you have fresh fuel / oil mixture in the petrol tank and that the correct mixing ratio has been used or your Minimoto wont start. If your oil mixture is too rich then you might have problems starting. I recommend using Redline or Mobile One full synthetic oil.
  4. Another common failure which inhibits starting is the ignition coil. Unplug the spark plug and check the spark whilst cranking the engine, it needs to be a strong good spark.
  5. If all the previous tests have been completed and the results are satisfactory it is possible that you do not have enough compression in the engine. This occurs due to a lack of oil in the mixture causing premature piston ring and piston wear. If this is the case you will need to replace the piston and the rings.

Source by David Welton

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