Retired Partylite

Partylite is a very well established candle selling business. Its roots go back to Mabel Baker who started selling her special candles during the early 1900s. In the 1970s, this offshoot company began using a direct sales model that allowed its associates the opportunity to build a legitimate business of their own.

There are quite a few women and men who work as consultants for the company, selling to a devoted group of customers who keep on buying on a regular basis. The Partylite company introduces new products to keep things fresh from time to time. As a result of this there are now quite a few retired items that become harder to get as time goes on. It can be frustrating whenever you have found a favorite candle scent only to learn that it has been retired. Some candle collectors simply give up on finding the scent they love, or they move on to try to find new scents that interest them.

There is another option for people who enjoy and still want to purchase their favorite candles. There are many items being offered for sale on the Internet that are now retired. eBay is a big seller of these items, as are smaller independent websites which usually feature household decorative accessories as their mainstay products.

More good news for fans of retired items, is that it is quite common for these items to be sold in lots at prices much lower than their original retail value. It is definitely worth the time for serious candle collectors or just someone trying to find an old favorite, to take a quick look around the Internet before giving up on what they really want.

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